Everyone has a life story. Mine began with seeing the world and everyone in it as beautiful, which has been the foundation for my creatively unique view of life since childhood.

My style is always changing and evolving, both personally (I never keep the same hairstyle for long) and professionally...yet one aspect will always remain constant:

I embrace imperfection.

I am a free spirit who invites you to believe that you are amazing and worthy of having the unforgettable moments of your life captured, for you and your future generations to treasure. 


Wife. Mother. Photographer. I am married to my best friend, Richard, and we have been blessed with two girls, Darla and Disa (who keep us on our toes, and more importantly, keep our hearts full).

Family is everything to me, and that is why I am committed to keeping that at the forefront of your photography session. I understand that little ones need naps, and don't particularly like doing much of anything, especially getting their picture taken, on an empty stomach...so I work around your schedule when considering time slots for bookings.

I want to make sure that your experience is as fun and relaxed as possible! 


My aesthetic has a lived-in feel, and that is how I like to photograph. Capturing the moments that aren't overly-posed (and sometimes not even posed at all) is where the magic happens.

My clients tend to agree.